We have accumulated extensive experience in the field of slag removal, rightly considered one of the most critical activities for the steel industry. To handle incandescent liquid slag, we use special industrial vehicles, which withstand high temperatures and are fitted with appropriate equipment. We carefully select such equipment and even modify it wherever necessary, to meet the specific needs of the steelworks.

We guarantee to our client companies the constant monitoring of the process and the production of ad-hoc reports, which are of fundamental importance for the production and economic analysis of the steelworks’ output. The incandescent slag removed from under-furnace is discharged into designated cooling areas, in order to allow subsequent processing such as iron removal, separation and crushing. Given the highly hazardous nature of the materials treated, in recent years we have invested heavily in technology, by equipping our vehicles with cameras, temperature analysis devices, flame dampers, manoeuvring systems in emergency conditions, and automatic fire extinguishing systems.

Slag Recovery and production of Cement Mixture

We have designed and built a state-of-the-art mobile system with the necessary permits to be used for the recovery of steel slag and subsequent production of “cement mixture”, a by-product suitable for many different uses such as the construction of concrete products, industrial floors, etc .: this is a valid model of recycling and circular economy.

Through this “mobile” system –transportable to any processing area or site– it is possible to transform into “cement mixture” the share of slag that cannot be originally classified as by-product: processing takes place directly on-site (inside the steelworks) thus avoiding the slag disposal quota. Always with a view to offering a global service to our customers, we provide full assistance with the authorization process for the mobile system at the relevant bodies.


Recovery systems generally involve two types of actions: crushing and screening, which are necessary to obtain suitable pieces for the following reuse (concrete and bituminous aggregates, roads stabilisation, etc.). Our R&D department deals with the study, design and management of crushing and screening plants, with the aim of optimizing all processing steps. Besides, we provide full assistance with the bureaucratic process for obtaining the necessary authorizations at the various bodies in charge.

Metal Recovery

We have developed an innovative system that allows metal recovery at the maximum rate and that provides, among countless advantages, the “dry processing“. Besides, the system allows:

  • higher rate of metal recovered and of iron skulls
  • cleaner skulls
  • lower weight of the slag to be landfilled
  • reduction of wastewater


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Our R&D Dept. is mainly focused on:

Energy recovery

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Integrated production systems

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