We promote and implement effective and environment friendly solutions.

Industrial cleaning

We have suitable equipment for:

  • cleaning of open sites such as yards, depots, industrial warehouses, and parking areas, with the help of mechanical sweepers of various sizes.
  • cleaning of railway wagons
  • cleaning ducts and passages, using manual dry extractors,
  • washing with high pressure water jets (up to 405 bar or 5878 psi with roll-off tank)
  • cleaning of pits and collection tanks

Waste transport and disposal

We provide transport services and disposal for materials and industrial waste (both hazardous and non-hazardous), using certified trucks for the transportation of goods category 4, 5 and 8 (cat. 8 relating to intermediaries):

  • steel slag, dust from fume treatment, fumes, ferrous scrap, glass, timber, etc.

Management of waste disposal yards

Complete waste management, from collection to sorting of various materials such as wood, paper, plastic, with storage in dedicated areas, into hook-lift and compacting containers and subsequent transfer to the proper recycling centres.


Thanks to the use of our vehicles and the latest generation equipment, we carry out environmental remediation of contaminated sites.


Scrap yard management, slag treatment, industrial logistics, warehouse management and much more: we are able to provide a global, integrated service to the steelworks.

Services for steelworks
servizi per acciaierie

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